I grew up singing I Will Sing The Wondrous Story to the tune Hyfrydol, so nothing else sounds right to me.
Francis H Rowley’s lyrics are full of biblical insight and pastoral care, and are greatly improved by Ira Sankey’s alteration of Rowley’s line ‘Can’t you sing the wondrous story’ to ‘I Will Sing The Wondrous Story’.
With the depth of classic hymnody, Christ’s work is married with personal experience and future hope in seamless progression.
As I mentioned above, my preference is the for Hyfrydol, which I think can be played in either a contemporary or classic setting.

Here’s the lyrics:
I will sing the wondrous story
Of the Christ who died for me,
How he left the realms of glory
For the cross on Calvary.
Yes, I’ll sing the wondrous story
Of the Christ who died for me,
Sing it with the saints in glory,
Gathered by the crystal sea.
I was lost: but Jesus found me,
Found the sheep that went astray,
Raised me up and gently led me
Back into the narrow way.
Faint was I, and fears possessed me,
Bruised was I from many a fall;
Hope was gone, and shame distressed me:
But his love has pardoned all.
Days of darkness still may meet me,
Sorrow’s path I oft may tread;
But his presence still is with me,
By his guiding hand I’m led.
He will keep me till the river
Rolls its waters at my feet:
Then he’ll bear me safely over,
Made by grace for glory meet.

Here’s Robin Mark leading the hymn at The Mandate.
As usual, contemporary treatment of a classic tune means ‘slow’, but this is a very satisfying treatment, none the less.
I think this is verses 1, 2 and 5 of those listed above with a final repeat of the chorus.

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