I’ve been grooving along to the compositions of Zac Hicks and Cherry Creek Church.
The sound is very contemporary, in contrast to the more folk/country stylings that I generally gravitate toward.
Try this rendition of Psalm 76 / God is known among His people, from the 2009 release, The Glad Sound as an example.
I really, really, really want to try and sing this sometime.
(With a group of people, not just on my own, y’know.)
God is known among His people
Every mouth His praises fill
From of old He has established
His abode on Zion’s hill
There He broke the sword and arrow
Bade the noise of war be still
Excellent and glorious are You
With Your trophies from the fray
You have slain the mighty warriors
Wrapped in sleep of death are they
When your anger once is risen
Who can stand in that dread day?
Awesome is the revelation
God is known among us here!
Loudest songs of exultation
God is known among us here!
When from heaven Your sentence sounded
All the earth in fear was still
While to save the meek and lowly
God in judgment wrought His will
Even the wrath of man shall praise You
Your designs it shall fulfill
Vow and pay unto Jehovah
Him your God forever own
All men, bring your gifts before Him
Worship Him and Him alone
Mighty kings obey and fear Him
Princes bow before His throne!
Who is this King of Glory?
His name is Jesus! Jesus!
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God
His name is Jesus! Jesus!
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
Final chorus.
Awesome is the revelation
God is known among us here!
Loudest songs of jubilation
God does now in flesh appear!

Words: The Psalter, 1912; alt. 1990, mod. (verses); Zac Hicks, 2008 (chorus/bridge);
Music: Zac Hicks, 2008
©2009 Unbudding Fig Music (ASCAP)

Here’s the album track embedded in a YouTube video.

Here’s the track at bandcamp.

3 thoughts on “Psalm 76 / God Is Known Among His People by Zac Hicks – Sunday Songs

  1. Damien Carson says:

    You’d need to be the lead singer, though, Gary. Not very Presbyterian (ie. Slow in a minor key), but I’d make the 5 hour trip to see you lead this song on a Sunday morning, skipping across the platform, clapping your hands above your head with cordless mike in hand! 😉

    1. Gary Ware says:

      And the whistling.
      Don’t forget the whistling.
      (Download these two albums, you’ll love them.)

  2. zachicks says:

    Love it! Thanks for supporting our music. We’re mailing out your package today!

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