Nathan Campbell continues to try to articulate a pathway for Christians and groupings of Christians to ensure that the Gospel of Jesus is central to their contributions to debate in the public sphere.
Some readers here are part of our denomination’s Church and Nation committees, and I think Nathan’s commentary is worth engaging with, and perhaps you can help him develop his position.
(At the very least get him involved in your work.)
(Church and Nation Committees serve our church by formulating positions on social issues and disseminating them to the church and general public.)
Though directed at the Australian Christian Lobby Campbell’s comments can be applied to any public discourse by Christians, Christian churches or para-church groupings.
A brief excerpt:

Which brings me to the Australian Christian Lobby. And my big problem with how they do PR and how they’re almost never “on message”. Well, they’re not on “gospel” message anyway. A simple yardstick for being on message for a Christian Lobby would be talking about Jesus, wouldn’t it? Given that Jesus puts the Christ in Christian and is the leader of our political party, and that all our interactions with culture should be framed by the relationship we have with him by grace, and his Lordship over the world… I’d say Jesus is pretty foundational to Christian belief, and thus, Christian lobbying.
But not according to the Australian Christian Lobby. Now. A lot of the releases they put out in the Month of May are about good stuff. Serious issues. Issues where a Christian voice is valuable and necessary. And they get copious media coverage. They are nominally the spokespeople for the Christian cause in Australia. They keep getting wheeled out in front of cameras and recorders and notepads. And they keep straying off message. It’s foundational stuff.

Read A plea for the Australian Christian Lobby to get “on message”

2 thoughts on “Put The ‘Christ’ Into The Australian Christian Lobby (via Nathan Campbell)

  1. Laura Halvorsen says:

    Amen! regarding put Christ in the Australian Christian Lobby Group.

    1. gjware says:

      Well, I think Christ is there, but it’d help if they could get him more upfront in their discussions.

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