Nathan has a new blog: Beanstalker, dedicated to all things coffee.
In this post he outlines the Seven Deadly sins of coffee, particularly appropriate for churches who want to provide beverage hospitality.
I’m so old I can remember the pride which we felt in my home church decades ago when we dispensed with Pablo in favor of that exotically named product: International Roast. Church people in the seventies micht have had a jar of Nescafe at home, but for the cost imperative issues bought Pablo for church.
I can also remember those trendy youth ‘coffee shop’ meetings where a row of domestic drip filter coffee machines would all be lined up with hazelnut coffee or other specialities, all brewed and then left to sit on their heating pads for an hour or so.
Anyway, here’s the first deadly sin of coffee:

The sin of Instant Coffee – Instant coffee is the chief among the cardinal sins of church hospitality. We are so far past the need to provide instant coffee at church events that its like putting songs on an overhead projector rather than data projector. There are degrees of coffee sin – International Roast is not coffee at all. Do not serve instant coffee in your church or house. This is not loving. Buy a plunger – source some real beans – or stick with tea. It is better to offer tea than to risk offending your guest with instant.
Read the whole post here.

One thought on “Seven Deadly Sins Of Coffee (via Beanstalker)

  1. Nathan says:

    Thanks for the link Gary. I remember a working bee a couple of years ago when my younger sister was given a tin of International Roast to deal with. She put one spoonful into a small jar for every two she put in the sink. I don’t know what happened to the jar…

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