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The Presbyterian Church And The Queensland Floods

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I asked some friends of mine in Queensland if there had been any denominational communication about the situation of Presbyterian Churches and Institutions affected by the floods in Queensland.
For those of you some distance away, but who can find a map of Australia, an area the size of New South Wales (the State immediately south of Queensland) is inundated and is either flooded or directly affected by flooding.
My friends forwarded me the following email.
It is from John Gilmour, Director of Chaplaincy with PresCare, and contains a general note along with a couple of communications with prayer points from Rockhampton and Maryborough.
The email has been widely distributed to all Qld congregations, and is of use to us all as our prayers this weekend are extended to our friends in Queensland, both in the church and the wider communities to which they belong.

Subject: FW: Prayer for Flood victims.
From: John Gilmour
Sent: Friday, 31 December 2010 7:07 AM
Subject: Prayer for Flood victims.

This email started out as a request for pray for the PresCare staff effected by the floods but as I thought about it seemed to me that the impact on the Church is far greater than that. Members of congregations across the state are affected. I know from conversations and my travels that Emerald, the Rockhampton congregations, Bundaberg, Maryborough, Dalby, Chinchilla,
Warwick and have either been or are still effected. The list is not complete I have just thought of Central Burnett (Gayndah) as another area where we have a congregation that needs our prayer support.
To give you an Idea of the type of points for your congregation’s prayers I enclose the reply to my request yesterday for Specific Prayer Points from Alexandra Gardens at Rockhampton our most exposed site at present. Sandra Thomson wrote

“Dear John,

The following are some suggested prayer points:

Pray for the safety of people in Rockhampton and surrounding districts and that they receive the assistance and support needed to recovery their belongings and return to their homes. May they all receive the love and attention that is so necessary during such difficult times.
Give thanks to the SES and other volunteers who have been there to provide support, strength and hope to all the people who unfortunately are experiencing turmoil in their lives due to the flooding in Central Queensland.
Pray for tolerance, patience and peace for residents, staff and their families at PresCare Alexandra Gardens as they endure the effects of the flooding in Central Queensland.
Give thanks to God for the generous offers from staff to return from annual leave, work extra shifts and change their rostered shifts to work for their colleagues who are unable to work due to closed roads and the unexpected water inundation of homes.
Please God give the people in Central Queensland the guidance and understanding needed to care and share for others in a loving and caring way during these difficult times.

Kind regards,
Sandra Thomson
Care Services Manager”

While Doona Souvan at Groundwater, Maryborough sent this reply;

Hi John,

Prayer points I would focus on would be for employees who have been isolated and have had property damage, safety on the roads which are very dangerous with a lot of pot holes, prayer that people have the strength to move forward with their lives and recover from such losses. Prayer for the local Maryborough and Wide Bay Communities that we are able to come together as a community to get through this crisis.
My prayers will be with the residents of Emerald, Bundaberg and Rockhampton where the rivers are still on the rise and lots more devastation is yet to come. Pray for their strength and safety. Pray for the staff, residents and for Sandra and Sharon at AG during this difficult time.

Cheers and Happy New Year,
Donna Souvan
Care Services Manager

I am sure you can add many points to those above. Listening to the various politicians and emergency workers on the radio and TV highlights the extent of the problem.

Ps. Sorry about the false start but hope you find this of help.
Pps. My apologies to those who normally get the emails for their congregations but the list I am using is an old list, we normally put it through Church Office with its most up to date listing but I have tried to ensure some one from each congregation receives this. If you need to forward it on to whoever is leading Sunday Service please do so.

John Gilmour
Director of Chaplaincy

If I receive any other news I’ll post a copy and/or links here.

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