You either know who Neil Gaiman is, or you don’t.
Especially if you only buy your reading material from Koorong.
If you do, and you’re in Sydney, this could be of interest.
If you don’t just keep going and read another post.

Perchance anyone reading this does go, please let me know how the event turns out.

5 thoughts on “Neil Gaiman At The Sydney Opera House

  1. Kat says:

    “graphic novels and comic art” ahahaha

  2. Binnsy says:

    A wonderful evening to be sure. Gaiman is a great storyteller, and his short story had a great tone and rhythm that played well with Fourplay’s score. Kevin Smith also made a cameo appearance, which was a bonus.

    1. gjware says:

      The sublime and the ridiculous.
      Thanks for the report. Was it a pretty full house?
      I see that signed Gaiman books are available at kinokuniya.
      Don’t think I’ll be in Sydney soon enough, though.

  3. Binnsy says:

    Yeah it was in the Concert Hall and it was full. The whole room was on the edge of their seats at times. The story is here if you want to read it:

    1. gjware says:

      Thanks again.

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