It’s not always just one moment that signals political demise.
But sometimes it is.
For John Hewson, it was answering a question about the theoretical GST payable on a birthday cake.
For Mark Latham, it was too firm a handshake outside a radio studio.
For Kim Beazley, it was getting Rove McManus and Karl Rove mixed up.

For Gordon Brown, it was not knowing when the microphone was still on.
Only brave pundits would have forecast a Labour victory, now it should be interesting to see if they can safely run second.

Heard about this on AM at the gym this morning.
Al found this youtube.

2 thoughts on “It’s All Over, Gordon

  1. cloudofsteam says:

    Fictional White House Press Secretary C.J. Cregg knowns Gordon Brown’s pain: “It’s the classic Washington scandal. We screwed up by telling the truth.” WW S3 E17

    1. gjware says:

      My daughter and I watched episode one a couple weeks ago. Last week we watched episodes 2-4.
      We’re pretending that we’re not watching the whole thing. Again. (Third time for me.)

      Brown’s lack of judgement is not really his comment.
      It’s making it and then going back and spending 45 minutes apologising for it.

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