Lots of Easter material this week.
I’m not referring to any of it, though. Overload.

David Murray writes on the Pastor’s worst enemy. Pride.
Murray notes the pastor’s worst enemy is pride, and it is a special danger for young pastors (1 Tim. 3:6) unfolding his post in three sections: The Particular Causes of Pride; The Pastoral Consequences of Pride; and The Personal Cure of Pride.

Practical Shepherding is Brian Croft’s blog about pastoral life and practice.
I could post just about anything he writes here. Very practical and helpful. Subscribe for yourself.
His most recent contribution is ‘Why should Pastors love doing funerals?’
Here is Croft’s introduction and the five reasons. Go to his post to read the rest.

Funerals. Pastors often merely tolerate them; pastors in training are terrified by the thought of doing one. Ministers of the gospel, however, should love doing funerals. Funerals provide opportunities for gospel ministry and caring for hurting people than maybe any other ministry scenario.
Here are 5 reasons we should love doing funerals:
1) Spiritual attentiveness
2) Reality of death
3) Opportunity to preach the gospel
4) Opportunity to lead people through their grief
5) Keeps us focused on what really matters

Mikey Lynch at Christian Reflections keeps providing a variety of quality content, usually brief and to the point.
Here’s a post with some suggestions by Ben Pfalert on evangelistic ideas.

Nathan at St. Eutychus draws on his professional background and personal experience to provide thrifty Presbyterians with Five Cheap Ways To Exegete Your Suburb. This is cheaper than market research.

That’s your lot.

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