Michael Dewalt asks: ‘Can you Chew Tobacco and Preach the Bible at the Same Time?’ and proceeds to answer his own question.

Well Italian preachers did during the beginning of the 20th-century! This is my kind of preaching…

In Paul Bull’s Lectures on Preaching and Sermon Construction (Chapter 7, Section 5, Point 5) titled “Make a Right Use of Your Voice” he states,

“In normal sermons Italian preachers, arrived at the end of their first point, sit down, mop their faces with a large colored handkerchief, spit, take a pinch of snuff, and then, after two minutes, go on to their next point much refreshed. This would not be suitable in the present state of public opinion in England.”

  • Footnote: Paul B. Bull, Lectures on Preaching and Sermon Construction. (The MacMillan Co.: New York and Toronto, 1922), pp. 283.
  • Some of our expectations of preachers are culturally conditioned.

    HT: Gospel Centered Musings.

    Edit: for anyone who thinks they might give this a go, Jo has drawn my attention to the following essential product.

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