Tomorrow (Saturday, March 20) my second eldest daughter, Kathryn will marry Ben at 12.30, D.V.
I’m officiating and walking the bride down the aisle. (answering my own question of ‘who gives this woman?’)
The baby we held so few years ago, committed from our care to the arms of another for the rest of their lives.
There’ll be some pictures and comment posted here and on Facebook.
I won’t know how I’ll feel until it’s happened.
But now, for every kindly soul who told me to enjoy my children while they were young, because I wouldn’t have them very long: you were right.
It’s true.
Our lives here on earth are a breath or a vapour, and that is not because they are insignificant or without consequence, but because they are so quick.
So, if God is merciful, tomorrow we will have another day.
And we will live it for Him.

One thought on “A Family Wedding

  1. al bain says:

    Gary (and Mrs Gary?)

    I’ve just prayed that today you enjoy the goodness and love of God and that Christ is exalted.

    Have fun. Our oldest daughter turned 7 yesterday. Already I am noticing the changes that happen in our family as she gets older. One day I hope to be in your shoes.


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