What’s Best Next is ‘Matt Perman’s blog on integrating the big picture with everyday decisions so that we can do things better in life, work, business, and society’.

Interesting quotes and references to material dealing with ‘Making good decisions in life, work, business, and society’.

Lots of common grace material here, such as:

The First Response to Change Should Be:
The proper first response to a changing world is not to ask, “How should we change?” but rather to ask, “What do we stand for and why do we exist?” This should never change. And then feel free to change everything else.
(From Jim Collins and Jerry Porras in Built to Last)

Understand the Fundamentals
The biggest problems facing organizations today stem not from a dearth of new management ideas (we’re inundated with them), but primarily from a lack of understanding the basic fundamentals and, most problematic, a failure to consistently apply those fundamentals.
(From Good to Great)

HT: (sorry, I can’t remember who sent me to this blog)

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