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Gambling – Organised Robbery

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Gambling is part of the fabric of Australian culture.
The saying goes that Aussies would bet on two flies walking up a wall.
The Melbourne Cup horse race (a handicap event, also emblematic of Australian culture) sees millions of dollars of official and unofficial turnover.
Football calls will include the latest odds on possible outcomes for those who still want to place a bet on the outcome. (This information is provided with the cheerful encouragement to gamble responsibly)
Mission Australia informs us that ‘With over 20% of the world’s poker machines, Australia can confidently claim the title of the world’s heaviest gambling nation. Per head, we spend twice as much on gambling each year as North Americans; an annual loss of $1300 for every adult Australian.’

Phil Johnson of Team Pyro at the Pyro-Maniacs website (they’re okay, really) has produced an informative and challenging series of posts that comprehensively deal with the subject of gambling. He has been able to interact with various questions, objections and interactions along the way. Together the series is a very useful examination of all the ethical and moral dimensions of the subject. The list of posts is included below.
1. Is Gambling OK? Don’t Bet on It
2. Gambling: Some Definitions and Distinctions
3. Answering a couple of objections
4. Oh, and one more thing . . .
5. Gambling vs. Faithful Stewardship
6. Does ‘Mutual Consent’ Eliminate the Evil in Gambling?
7. A good question
8. The Sin of Putting God to the Test
9. Gambling: The Moral Antithesis of Charity

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