Koorong are having a 20% off sale from April 29 to May 5. I’ll be visiting the Ryde store on either Monday or Tuesday. So, what’s of interest? Precious little in the catalogue these days.
But the following items are on my wish list:

G. K. Beale has two books that I’ll be looking at:
We Become What We Worship: follows the premise that that we take on the characteristics of our idols using Isaiah 6 as a starting point.
The Erosion Of Inerrancy In Evangelicalism: addresses a current trend by some in evangelical scholarship to try and redefine our understanding of the Scriptures and their authority.
Al Mohler’s: He Is Not Silent is a critique of contemporary preaching. Should be challenging.
One of the speakers at the SMBC Preaching Conference next week is Brian Chapell.
He has two books listed by Koorong which have not been published yet: Christ Centered Worship; & Ephesians (Reformed Expository Commentary Series)
Speaking of the REC series, the two part Matthew volume by Ian Duguid is too steep in Aus $. It will be an Amazon purchase sometime soon.
Jerry Bridges is the other key speaker at the Conference. I’ve pretty much got all his writings, but for anyone who hasn’t, Pursuit of Holiness for under $10 after discount is great value.
Tim Challies has written The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment, a book seeking to outline how Christians can develop their skill in decision making, informed by God’s wisdom.
I’m waiting for Kevin DeYoung’s new book on a similar theme: Just Do Something. Maybe next sale.
Don Carson’s tribute to his father, Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor will get a look.
John Piper’s Finally Alive will probably make it home. A clear examination of being ‘born again’ from a New Testament perspection, as against the pallid assertions of much of Christianity today.
Soon I’ll be preaching Romans (DV), but my shelves are well stocked on material there. Still it can’t help to look. Stott in the Bible Speaks Today series is interesting.
Having enjoyed the Christian Focus Publisher’s Historymakers volume: The Cambridge Seven, I’ll be looking at the other volumes in the series. Maybe Hudson Taylor and Maria by Pollock.
Of course much of the fun is looking through the bargain bins to see what else is available. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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