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Maturing Our Prayer Lives Praying With Other Christians (via Renee Tan at Gospel Coalition Australia)

Wednesdays I meet with local pastors to pray in the morning, and folk from MGPC to pray in the evening.
Apart from Sundays my week revolves around these two gatherings.
At Gospel Coalition Australia Renee Tan writes about the ways that corporate prayer deepens, focuses and develops our prayer lives.
An excerpt:

As we articulate our prayer needs, we are faced with the desires of our heart. After all, the mouth speaks what the heart is full of (Luke 6:45). Do our thanksgiving prayers reflect a self-centeredness or a Christ-centeredness? Do our prayer requests reflect kingdom priorities? Maybe in Sunday school we used to pray for (nothing greater than) a good day at school or for the rain to stop ruining our soccer games. But are we still praying such limited prayers years later?
When we journey with other Christians, rub shoulders and huddle together in prayer, we will see growth in ourselves and each other. We will learn to pray for needs deeper than our material ones. We will prayers that sound like they come from the early church; prayers that beg God to teach us how to forgive our enemies; prayers for joy amidst tribulations; prayers for a faith that remains steadfast until Jesus comes again.

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