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A Preaching Audit Of The Presbyterian Church Of Victoria by David Cook

This is a fascinating exercise.
David Cook – preacher and teacher of preachers with decades of experience audits the preaching of the denomination whose preaching conference he’s hosting.
From Cook:

In conducting the audit I listened online to 40 preachers, with at least one from each of the 13 Presbyteries in the state. The preachers included students for the ministry, ministers and lecturers. Age-wise, about one-third were in their 20’s and 30’s; another one-third in their 40’s and 50’s and the final one-third over 60. I tried to listen to the sermons as close to the first Sunday in November as I could.

Read his observations and conclusions at AP Online.

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Wee Waa And A Fitting Testimony For A Christian Life (via David Cook)

David Cook returns to the town of Wee Waa in country NSW for a weekend of Easter ministry and reflects on the enduring legacy of people he served with as their pastor over thirty years ago.

“They grew cotton, but they so lived and live that they robbed death of many of its prey, by pointing people to Christ. Their work was not in vain. Many of them are with Christ which is better by far. We will soon be there as well, awaiting our new resurrection body.”

Read the whole post here.

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Presbyterian Church Of Australia Planning To Mark The 500th Anniversary Of The Reformation

Presbyterian Church of Australia Moderator General David Cook has posted information about one of the ways the PCA is planning to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017.
“Our major recommendation is to establish a panel of Evangelists who will be available to congregations and presbyteries to both train others to share the gospel in personal witness and to conduct evangelistic meetings in local settings as arranged by local committees.
We believe that the best way to celebrate the gospel is to have occasions where it is declared faithfully and engagingly by gifted men and women.
We are recruiting evangelists now and churches will be asked to contact me for the allocation of the most appropriate evangelist for the local setting.”
Read more here, including an invitation to help David formulate the popular name that this initiative will be known as.

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David Cook On Preaching Galatians (via St Helens)

David Cook speaks about the central theme of Galatians, a book of the Bible that he is focussing on in his preaching engagements this year.
The source is the monthly Preaching Matters produced by St Helens, Bishopsgate, UK.

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David Cook On Ministry Partnerships And The Church Of Scotland

David Cook, moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Australia writes about a couple of months worth of ministry partnerships of Gospel work and why he declined the standing invitation extended to the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Australia to attend the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.
Partnership can only be partnership if when foundational principles are shared.
It’s sad that some go their own directions, but encouraging to see the fruitfulness of the Gospel work David has been participating in.
His report is a facet of the partnerships in Gospel work that various parts of the Presbyterian Church of Australia share around the world.
Read David’s article at the Presbyterian Church of Australia website.

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Recognition (via David Cook)

This post from David Cook explores answers to the question “will I know my loved ones on the other side?”
His exploration of the Bible provides much reason for hope on this matter, all of which is undergirded by the “absolute certainty … that there will be no disappointment in eternity and that none of our expectations will be unfulfilled, rather it will be far greater than we could ever imagine.”

Read David’s post ‘Recognition’ here.

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The Death Bed (via David Cook)

From David Cook, Presbyterian Church Of Australia Moderator-General.

The Christian facing death has two common questions, I will deal with the first in this column, the second question in the next column.
The first question is, at the point of death, when I leave all that is familiar, what will be my conscious experience?

Read the rest of David’s article here.