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Dili Evangelical Presbyterian Church Building Opens

The APWM blog has a short report on the opening of the church building of the Dili Congregation of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Timor Leste.
This building represents a significant step in community recognition of the work of this group of believers.
There are a couple more pictures at the APWM post.

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Robert Benn Worshipping With The Dili Evangelical Presbyterian Church At Their New Building

The building will be officially opened next month.
Taken from Robert’s Facebook posting:
“I arrived in Timor Leste when visibility was very limited. February 2000. Dili was on fire, as was much of the country. Terrible suffering all round. Out of the ashes the new nation began to regroup, and many folk from around the world were very ready to help to rebuild. What a difference now. Repaired and renewed infrastructure; streets in good order; new buildings going up all over the place; a new settledness. The church? Last time I was here in 2011, a group of Presbyterians were still gathering for worship under a blue-plastic ‘tarp’. Rain, hail or shine. Today about 80 of us gathered for worship in the new building which will officially opened in December this year. A wonderful facility, and my pleasure to be the guest preacher this morning. Plenty of room for rejoicing. I counted this a great privilege, as well as, during the week to talk for so many hours with our church leaders and members. Dining together. Travelling together. Sharing the gospel, and gospel experiences together. Talking about the aches and pains of growth, and the joys and privileges of building a spiritual family whose name is inscribed in the Book of Life.”

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An Update From Dili (via APWM)

This news about the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Timor Leste’s new building in Dili comes from APWM.

Robert Benn is currently in Timor Leste for APWM. Here are some photos of the church building in the capital, Dili. Thank you to everyone who gave through PresAID to make this possible. Robert writes “This Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Timor Leste was born about 6 years ago. We are now formally “partners” – and what a privilege. About 12 elders and ministers of the IEPTL arrived on buses, motor-bikes and cars at the new church site for a day long discussion on issues relating to this 6 year partnership.
Firstly we toured the new buildings, as yet unfinished, but targeted for completion at the end of November. Church building. Multi-purpose building. Pastor’s home with enough room for accommodation of others. All very impressive. The church building will comfortably seat about 400 to 450. Opening date is 13th December, with our own Moderator General as the guest speaker. All very exciting! Now for the long-long and productive discussion using English, Indonesian and Tetun . . a couple of people being the translators. . . . .”


Australian Presbyterian East Timor Committee Meets

Before the full federal church committee meetings take place this week, the Timor Leste Committee (more like a task force, or even a semi-autonomous collective, really) of the Australian Presbyterian World Mission conduct our annual face to face meeting.
It’s a helpful time as we coordinate plans and purposes to partner with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Timor Leste.
It would be very easy to fall into well-meaning but unhelpful ad hoc actions which could hinder the growth and harmony of this young denomination which is still at a formative stage in its development. It would also be easy to project our own agenda on the church, instead of responding to their priorities.
Our annual afternoon enables us to consider various cultural issues and think about the most constructive ways to develop our partnership. During the rest of the year matters are dealt with by circular email.
We’re reviewing the adequacy of the quarterly block grants, given the depreciation of the Australian dollar and inflation in Timor Leste.
Coordination of visits by Australian personnel is also important given the demands this places on the few folk in the EPC-TL who can function as translators, especially outside of Dili.
Important, yet more personal matters will include ways in which we can respond to situations such as supporting the widow of Manuel Rodriques, and others who are in her situation.
Even the meagre support the Presbyterian Church of Australia can offer could outstrip the capacity of the EPC-TL to effectively administer and utilise, making it an unhelpful burden rather than a means of enablement, so we strive to ensure that the partnership we offer enables the EPC-TL to carry out their mission to their utmost.

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Prepared to Lay Down His Life for His Flock* (via Bondia Timor-Leste)

Mount Gambier Presbyterian Church will give thanks for Manuel’s life this Sunday and consider how we may offer practical help to his widow and children.

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A Report On The Visit Of Two Davids To Timor Leste (via Bondia Timor Leste)

Bondia Timor Leste reports on:

David Jones (Moderator General of the Presbyterian Church of Australia) and David Burke (lecturer at Presbyterian Theological Centre Sydney) visited Timor Leste in June 2013. Their visit was part of the ongoing partnership between IETPL and APWM and was for the purpose of conducting ministry training at Liquica for local church workers.

Read about everything at Bondia Timor Leste.
You’ll even see a pic of a Moderator-General on a motor bike.

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Timor Leste Committee Meets

Conversation at a meeting like this expands your cultural perceptions.
So many things to take into consideration when trying to grow an international partnership.
So many opportunities.