The Easter reflection bids us see the unity of that which we remember on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
Jesus’ death and the forgiveness of our sins.
Jesus’ resurrection and the everlasting life he shares with us.
The message of the Gospel recorded in Acts stresses the life that we have in Jesus.
Sometimes evangelicals remember the cross and our redemption on Good Friday, and then celebrate pretty much exactly the same thing on Easter Sunday.
While the events of Friday are just as true on Sunday, Sunday reminds us of the life that God’s forgiven people now live – and will live forevermore.

From Esau McCaulley’s book Lent – The Season Of Repentance And Renewal.

What makes the Christian special is we have the Messiah who has come to give life to the world.
We don’t just get his death for our sins; we get the life he lived before he died, which gives his death meaning. We receive his defeat of death, which gives us hope. We get his instructions. As he told the crowd, we are all taught by God (John 6:45). It is in Christ that we encounter a vision of the human life large enough to satisfy all our longings; it is in the person of Christ that we encounter a God who demands our allegiance.
Esau McCaulley, Lent – The Season Of Repentance And Renewal, InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, IL. 2022, pg. 69.

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