The desire to be unique and special is a voracious master that devours those who feed it.
Instead of security, all it gives is a gnawing fear that we are enough.
In Jesus, God bids us find peace and identity for all of us who are not special.
We are something better than that.
We are loved.

Colette Eaton writes about her own efforts to create a reality where others would think she was special – an effort to convince herself she was more than ordinary, and how she found a better sense of being.

We all want to feel special. The problem is … we aren’t all that special, not according to how the world defines it. Not many of us will be famous or rich or have a legacy that lasts for centuries. But there is one thing we are unmistakably: fully loved by God.
It takes courage to face our limitations and imperfections.
But it also takes courage to embrace the truth of our own belovedness, to give up the fight to be special, and instead rest in simply being loved. Though the story of Jesus can often feel like a fish story, it is the most real story there is, and letting this truth sink in will take a lifetime, not just a conversion. A story that softens the hard edges of our stories and welcomes us to a table to eat with other ragtag followers.

Read the whole post at Mockingbird.

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