A lot of material flicks in front of my eyes day by day.
The fact that I don’t share as much as I used to from all these sources indicates to me that either it’s all sort of blending into the same, or I’m desensitised to it all.
Sometimes however there’s just one line in.a post that strikes just where I am.

“There is no danger in trusting God”
Which I’m totally lifting out of Ray Ortlund’s post about enduring through persecution and simply taking for myself in a different context of feeling taxed.
I’m not looking for vindication. I’m just waiting for God.

From Ray Ortlund.

Heaven will be a relief. But for now, while we’re still in this mess, our primary business is with God. In fact, our primary battle might even be with God. My recommendation, as a pastor, is that you wave the white flag of surrender to him. Not to them, but to him. Rather than be frustrated that he isn’t fighting for you the way you’d like, why not do what the Bible says and trust him to deliver you in his own time and way, and maybe not until we are all standing before him above? There is no danger in trusting the Lord.


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