Craig Barnes writes in reflection on pastoral life and includes and observation about the repetitious nature of pastoral care. Frustration, care, and even and ambition can lead a pastor to resentment that care and growth are not done in one, but return again and again.
Growth is the desired outcome, but the character of God never resents repetition. Patience and empathy grow, as we walk together, and though it may feel that way we’re not really working in circles. As we walk with God we’re not not leading him in circles. He’s leading us toward growth and self-understanding.
From Diary Of A Pastor’s Soul:

When I began my job as a pastor, … I wanted to do something spectacular with my life that would impress God. But that was a long time ago. Now I realize anything I accomplished that was remotely helpful was all grace. Every great idea I had could have driven the church into a ditch, and more than one of them did. Even when my plans worked out, God was still not all that impressed.
God seems to prefer the ordinary and routine. Most of creation was designed to be held together by repetition, the same things happening again and again, whether it’s little things like electrons spinning around in circles, or huge things like planets slowly revolving around the sun every year. Winter, spring, summer, fall. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Diary Of A Pastor’s Soul, M Craig Barnes.

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