Though Spiritual, Christian growth and maturity are now magical occurrences; they are product of time, diligent use of the means provided by God, and desire for growth.
Enabling others to be aware of the effort and commitment of Christian growth encourages them to follow the walk the same course.

Kristin Pichura reflects on the visible roots of the Banyan tree as an analogy for this visible, even exposed pattern of growth:

As we pursue the disciplines of grace, enabled by the Author of grace, we can encourage and help equip those around us to press on towards Christlikeness.
The watching world, our church family, and our children need to see that growth in Christ isn’t something that just magically occurs by our own strength, or that it is for a special few on whom the Lord has placed His favor. It’s not a “super-Christian” thing…it’s a supernatural work done through the Holy Spirit and the power of God in the lives of His kids. Our growth in the grace and knowledge of the Lord is only possible as we abide in Christ and keep sending down roots in Him. This is not “one and done”, “I said the prayer” kinda living. This is a “daily dependence, denying self, deep-rooted in the soil of His Word” kinda living.
The more we show our roots, even though it may expose us in ways that are humbling and make us feel vulnerable, the more we display the glorious work of God in transforming lives. And we encourage others as they see His mercy and grace that enables them, too, to be “steadfast, immovable always abounding in the work of the Lord”.


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