The aspects of church life that we think lack polish or strength can be the ways that God most clearly displays the work of Jesus within us, corporately and individually.

From Jared Wilson:

Brothers and sisters, we are a part of a kingdom that will demolish all pretenders and will fulfill in furious fashion the promise of redemption already sealed for us through the atoning work of Jesus Christ. Not because we are strong, but because He is. Not because we’ve got it all figured out, but because He is “sustaining all things by His powerful word” (Hebrews 1:3b).
Isn’t that weird? You don’t have to be cool, big, strong, technologically savvy, politically fashionable, or culturally relevant. You just have to repent of your sin and commit your weird, broken church to its King. It’s the sinners He wants. It’s the losers He’s choosing. Your weird, messy church—in a pandemic or out of it—is God’s Plan A for your world. And there is no Plan B.

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