The greatest temptation about giving up is time.
Particularly time spent without experiencing what you’ve been working for.
This confronts us with the need to remember Christian service is about the ongoing experience of who we’re working for.
So we continue on.

From David McLemore at Things Of The Sort.

But God is not letting up on us because he’s not giving up on us. His call is not to take it easy when it gets hard but to press in all the more, especially when it’s hard. The Lord loves us deeply, but he doesn’t coddle us, and he won’t let us coddle ourselves either. He knows the cancer that time is to our zeal, but he has fresh mercies every morning.
So whatever good you are doing right now, and whatever good you are tempted to quit doing right now, don’t. Don’t give up. Do not weary of doing good. The harvest is coming. Just don’t give up.

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