At MGPC we affirm the Apostles’ Creed.
In the context of so many wondrous truths about God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the salvation worked through the death and resurrection of Jesus it may seem by the point we reach affirmations about the church and communion of the saints that we’ve sort of moved to the more routine items.
The fact we then move to the forgiveness of sins, resurrection, and the life everlasting should be enough to disabuse of that notion.
Tomorrow when we say those words we’ll do so affirming the fact they don’t simply recognise the people we’re with, or Christians around the world, or even Christians in times past, or those we expect will join us in the future.
All of that and more – when we affirm the communion of the saints we affirm that we are presently in relationship with all those who are in God’s presence already.
Tomorrow we’ll also take special time to remember them.
Remember their witness, their friendship, their faith.
Remember they are not gone, and that we will one day all be together.
Remember the Saviour who promises and guarantees that gathering.

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