2020 is a year which is being consciously experienced as a season of deferred or cancelled plans.
This does not mean that our lives are on hold, waiting for a return to normal before we can start our lives again.
Rather we are living right now, albeit in ways that we had not anticipated or could have planned for.
As disciples of Jesus we don’t see this season as a deferral of our plans to follow him.
Rather it is the very fabric of how we are following him, to form and shape us for the future God has planned for us.

From Henri Nouwen:

One of the greatest temptations of our lives is to live ahead of ourselves and not believe that something is happening here and now. The world in which we live makes us believe that the real thing is happening next week, next month, or next year. As Christians, we are challenged to believe that what is happening is always happening here na know, At this moment. Now. If we live the now, the present, to the full, the future will grow. It will reveal itself to us because we have already received the Spirit. We have already received the beginning of eternal life. We are already in the House of God. We are already breathing God’s breath. Let’s stay there and listen carefully.

Henri Nouwen, Following Jesus, SPCK, 2019, pg 123.

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