It just feels like a tough week, due to very recent events on top of other events months past, with the expectation of more to come. More unfolding right now.
The Bible recounts in a variety of ways stories of people who trust God and learn of God’s faithfulness.
As those stories continue, those experiences are then followed by other experiences where these people have to trust God again and learn more of God’s faithfulness.

He’s never failed. And he never will.
The only two things you can be certain of in a tough week is that God is faithful, and that somewhere, sometime there’ll be more tough experiences to come and that God will be faithful then.
He’s never failed. And he never will.

From Paul Mallard’s book Invest Your Disappointments.

Faith is risky, but it is inspired by confidence in the unchanging character of God. He calls us to trust him in the dark, based on what we have learned in the light. God is gentle, kind and patient. He is not an ogre who gives us good gifts only to hurt us by then taking them away. Past grace gives us confidence to trust God for future grace.
Disappointments – no matter how heart-rending – are meant to test and deepen our trust. Faith can reach maturity only by being stretched.

Paul Mallard, Invest Your Disappointments, IVP, 2018, pg 168.

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