It is impossible to avoid disappointment.
To live as a human in a fallen world is to experience deficit between expectation and experience.
A strategy of avoidance is to eliminate expectation or reject experience.
Avoidance is deficient and self-defeating because it nurtures cynicism and refuses to accept the gifts God brings to our lives.
Instead of drawing us toward him with thankful hearts we retreat to a hardened form of self-reliance.

From Paul Mallard’s book Invest Your Disappointments.

We cannot control what happens to us – but we can control how we respond. And one response is to receive with gratitude all God’s good gifts. Enjoy a meal with friends; find satisfaction at the end of a good day’s work; relish those time you can spend with the people you love. Make the most of every opportunity.
One of the temptations that disappointment brings is to try to cut the connection between expectation and satisfaction. If you expect nothing, you will never be disappointed. In a subtle and pernicious way this can lead to a kind of non-Christian other-worldly asceticism which refuses all God’s gifts. Don’t enjoy it, because you will one day lose it. It is possible to go through life without engaging and getting hurt. Ecclesiastes will have nothing of this. God ‘richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment’ (1 Timothy 6:17). It is an act of ingratitude, as we saw earlier, to refuse to accept his good gifts.

Paul Mallard, Invest Your Disappointments, IVP, 2018, pg 41.

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