A final quote from Will Willimon’s book about preaching to confront racism.
The soundness of his treatment is demonstrated in the applicability of what he is writing about to the breadth of human sin, while never diminishing the specific and important subject that is the focus of his book.
He is not simply using a human tragedy to make a larger point.
He is not allowing larger truths to subsume the human tragedy.
Rather he is showing that each and every facet of life is seriously and legitimately addressed by the saving purpose of God in Christ.

We preachers ought not allow ourselves to be muted by those who ask for simple solutions and specific strategies from the pulpit. In a sense that’s the responsibility of the baptised in their daily vocations in the world, not the job of the preacher in the liturgy. As William Sloane Coffin frequently told us, Israel’s prophets preached, “Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever flowing stream” (Amos 5:24) but they didn’t work out the specifics of the plumbing system.

Will Willimon, Who Lynched Willie Earle?, Abingdon, 2017, pg 115.

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