Disciples of Jesus don’t create to draw attention to themselves or leave a legacy of their accomplishment.
Instead they create in order to draw attention to the one worth paying attention to.

From Andrew Peterson.

…art shouldn’t be about self-expression or self-indulgence. Art should’t be about self. The paradox is that art is necessarily created by a Self, and will necessarily draw some measure of attention or consideration to the artist. But the aim ought to be for the thing to draw attention, ultimately, to something other than the Self. For a Christian, that means accepting this paradox in the knowledge, or at least in hope, that my expression, even if it is of the most intimate chambers of my heart, can lead the audience beyond me, and to the Ultimate Self, the Word that made the world. In that grand chamber alone will art find its best end, as an avenue to lead the audience Home.
Lead me home, Jesus. Let me die to my need to be someone important. Let me die to my need to leave a mark.
Over the gateway of Self is a sign that says, “Abandon home, all ye who enter.” It is a hellish, helpless place. Die to self. Live to God. Let your words and music be more beautiful by their death in the soil of worship, that the husk of your own imperfection might fall away and germinate into some bright eternal song only God could have written.
We must resist Resistance.
Andrew Peterson, Adorning The Dark, B&H Publishing Group, Nashville, 2019, pgs 44-45.

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