The current crisis in a unique time for pastors.
Usually crises are experienced on a personal or group level, but almost never on a ubiquitous level.
When folk experience crisis situations we try to help them draw down of the spiritual capital God has accumulated in their lives.
A crisis is not the optimal time to be depositing the elements of faith, it’s a time to draw down the fruit of faith.
So when a whole congregation of people are faced with varying levels of exposure to an ever present crisis pastors (particularly those who have been with a group of people for a long time) look to see what has been built up, and how that which has been built up serves to bring people to a deeper trust in Jesus.
I’m not rushing to provide extra content the folk of MGPC, I’m more interested in supporting them as they live out that which we’ve been storing in our lives these years.

Jared Wilson seeks to encourage pastors who are pastoring in a season we have not personally experienced or prepared for and reminds us we are shepherds.

As people’s anxiety and unease rises, you are leaning into your qualifications of gentleness and self-control. The strategies and gifts on which you were always tempted to lean too heavily have now been neutralized. Now you are profoundly aware of your own dispensability. And that is to your advantage. Your felt weakness is fertile soil for the power of the Spirit. Now you must shepherd.


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