It’s a worry if the church simply transfers the exhausting, life-draining, joy-sucking demands of the rest of life to its own agenda and programs.
The Gospel demands that people need something very different than to feel that their church sees them as a resource to meet their goals.
Worse still, the thought that coming to church is some sort of activity they need to perform in order to gain or keep some sort of spiritual capital.
I hope the disciples of Jesus who gather week by week at Mount Gambier know that they’re gathering in the one place that doesn’t want a piece of them.

From Sarah Condon:

We do not come to church because we get a gold star. We come to church because we have tried everything else and it turns out we continue to be exhausted by the world and our lives. Church is a last-ditch effort for many of us. It is what happens before we start drinking more or isolating more or doing whatever it is that harangues us, more.

Read more here.

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