The temptation to set use Bible as a buttress against the imperative of the Gospel is strong.
Of course there is no contradiction between the following Jesus and the Bible correctly read.

From Winn Collier.

Spiritual tradition is a double-edged sword. Used properly, it allows those who have gone before us to instruct us with their wisdom. Tradition allows us to hear the ways God’s story has echoed in every generation. We have a rich heritage, and we are most foolish if we do not pay close attention. Used improperly, however, tradition is no longer a friend to instruct and guide us, but it becomes a means we use to dig in our heels, to hold on to an identity that provides us with a sense of security from a world or a God whose mystery frightens us.

Winn Collier, Holy Curiosity, Baker Books, 2008, pg 80.

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