In the midst of a reflection about pastoral commitment (and not making decisions on Mondays), Tom Ascol makes a point about pastoral calling that is helpful; one that makes more and more sense as the years go by.
When considering a call to ministry, along with consideration about whether to go, the thought needs to be entertained “Could I spend the rest of my life here?”
IF ministry is thought of as a career, a call may be looked at as a stepping stone.
If ministry is thought of as a calling, then God may have us serve a company of people for the remainder of our working life.
As Ascol stresses, this does not mean that God will move a pastor, but it does mean that we wait on God for the impetus to relocate our field of ministry.
From Ascol:

I believe that it is extremely valuable, if not essential, for a pastor to accept a call to serve a church with a willingness and desire to spend his life in that place. This is not to say that the Lord will never move him to another place, but such an attitude will always put the burden of proof on the move.

Read the whole post here.

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