The Church is the body of Christ. Not figuratively. Literally.
The way you’ll treat the Church tomorrow is the way you treat Jesus.

From Stephen Kneale at Church Matters:

If Christ is unified to his people, then what one does to his people is what one is doing to Christ. How one treats his people is how one is treating Christ. This is the clear implication of Jesus’ own words in Matthew 25:40.
Jesus’ words to Paul have far wider-reaching ramifications than how Jesus views the persecution of his people. It has clear implications for how the Lord’s people treat one another. It similarly has implications for how the Lord’s people treat the Lord’s stuff.
If we cannot be bothered to get out of bed to get to church on Sunday morning, we are not just failing to bother spending time with God’s people but we are spurning Christ himself. When we have no interest in serving and caring for the Lord’s people, we are failing to care for the Lord. When we drop the ball on stuff in church and put upon others, we are spurning the Lord and saying there are other things that take precedence over him.
If Jesus’ words to Saul tell us that those who persecute the church are persecuting Christ, it also tells us that how we treat the church is how we treat Christ. If we never go to church, if we constantly go away for the weekend, if we never serve, if we find anything else to do, these are not just holding the church in low esteem, it is treating Christ lightly and a direct reflection on our views of him.
By contrast, a high view of the church is a high view of Christ. If the church becomes a high priority, Christ is a high priority. Serving the people of the church is a measure of our love for Christ. Serving in the ministries of the church is a measure of our love for Christ. Turning up at weekly worship and engaging with the Lord’s people is a measure of our love for Christ.


2 thoughts on “The Attitude We Have About The Church Is The Attitude We Have About Jesus (via Stephen Kneale)

  1. Salus extra ecclesiam non est, or often, reflecting English syntax,
    Extra ecclesiam non est salus
    “Ouside the Church there is no salvation”.
    WHICH church?
    I first heard that proposition at 14, from Blackburn Presbyterian Minister Fred Strickland, deservedly respected and loved by all good people, AND the PFA!!
    Fr Paul Ryan, St Thomas RCC’s Parish Priest and fellow scholar, was a close friend of Mr Strickland. You’d often see them exchanging papers
    Oikoumené, from Oikos, house, is the world as habitation, the home of all, distinct from Kosmos, the merely material. Long live Oecumenism.
    Cyprian’s full version is less brutally prescriptive – and proscriptive. It has a nice rhetorical flourish:
    Habere non potest Deum patrem qui ecclesiam non habet matrem.
    He can’t have God as his father who doesn’t have the Church as his mother.
    Neat, eh.

  2. Peter Inns says:

    I am often grieved by the disunity and lack of respect that Christians have for each other. I don’t agree with infant baptism. So what? Those who do baptise infants have the same bible as I do. I have no right to judge and criticise just because I think differently on some issues. Our unity is in the Spirit, not in doctrine. The election result shows what God can do when the church unites. People from most denominations prayed and fasted and we saw God do a miracle. There is only one Church in God’s eyes. It is all who are born again, whatever their affiliations. Only the born again can even see the Kingdom of God. The Church is a family, not an organisation. It is indeed the body of Christ. Only a lunatic would tear his own body to shreds, yet the church is good at tearing itself apart. Psalm 133 says it all. God commands the blessing of Life when the brethren dwell in unity. So what happens when we splinter into 40,000 denominations? Exactly what we have now. It has to change an it will change. Glory to God! Lord Jesus is building His church. He cannot fail.

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