Like the author of this article I’ve been conscious now of about thirty years or so of strategies that will grow churches. Some have come and gone and returned again in different guises. The majority seem to be expressions of the particular individuals who originated them and aren’t sustainable as systems.
This is a helpful article for those churches whose ministry is a journey of faithful steps, taken steadily together.
From John Stevens:

It is all too easy to assume that there is something special about us, or our church, that will enable it outperforms the average church in the same context. We think that something about our ministry – perhaps the people, age profile or ways we do things – will set us apart. However, the reality is that, unless others in the same context are doing something obviously wrong, there is no reason why we should expect to do better than them. God might choose to bless us extraordinarily, and he is free to do so. But the likelihood is that he will not bless us more than the other faithful churches that are labouring away in similar situations.
Over twenty plus years of ministry I have noticed a succession of models of ministry proposed with the promise that they will produce radically better “growth” results. Sometimes the mere fact that they are new leads to a period of greater growth, but more often than not this effect quickly fades, and the growth returns to normal, or sometimes slips below it.

Read the whole post here.

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