Having preached through Psalms and now approaching the end of John’s gospel on Sunday nights at MGPC over the last six or so years, it will soon be time to commit to something new.
This article by Oli Tucker surveys a web application that hosts recorded sermons and discovers which books of the Bible have the most sermons preached from them.
It’s no surprise that nineteen most popular books are from the New Testament, but there are some interesting observations.
The types of churches that use the hosting site are more likely to be committed to sequential expository preaching rather than topical or lectionary texts, so it points out some common emphases in the conservative evangelical culture, as well as some areas that can be over looked.
As evangelical churches skew toward preaching entry-level material in topical guise I’d only expect these sorts of differences to increase. The whole counsel of God becoming the curated counsel of God, so to speak.

From the article:

As with many things in life and ministry we do, at times, need our hands holding over the fire even when it comes to preaching the whole counsel of God and preaching Christ from all the Scriptures. I guess the question this exercise has exposed is: do we know enough to be sure we are actually doing that, and therefore serve our churches well?

Read the article at Strand Blog.

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