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Jesus Says, “Feed My Sheep,” Not “Feed Your Ego.” (via Lewis Allen and The Preacher’s Catechism)

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From Lewis Allen’s The Preacher’s Catechism – Q&A 9: Why does God call us to preach? – God calls us to serve all of our hearers with His Gospel.

Preaching to the glory of God is all about helping others to grasp and delight in the truth of the gospel. God’s glory revealed in the cross of Christ and declared in preaching is the good of grace-hungry people. “The eternal salvation of the human soul, through the presentation of divine truth, is the end of preaching,” William Shedd wrote. That is what God wants from you, and that is what your hearers need from you, regardless of whether they currently understand that or actually want it. Anything less is just bad preaching.
So, preaching is a pursuit of giving glory to God as his gospel truth in Jesus Christ is lovingly declared. As long as he gets the glory, what does it really matter what happens to us? If the splendour of God outshines and outlasts the tiny splendour of a billion suns, does your gratification in ministry really mean anything? Is your reputation of the slightest importance? Of course not. Preaching must always be an exercise in self-effacement, not self-promotion, or even self-fulfillment. Jesus says, “Feed my sheep,” not “Feed your ego.” People must be led to Christ, and led on with Christ through preaching.

The Preacher’s Catechism, Lewis Allen, Crossway, 2018, pg 62.

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