Ligon Duncan is a Presbyterian from the USA.
First posted as a series of Tweets, then collated and shared around the internet, here’s his ten-point social media strategy.

  1. Relentlessly encourage, edify, and inform.
  2. Ignore trolls, mockers, and slanderers into oblivion.
  3. Starve dissensionists, narcissists, and errorists of the attention they crave.
  4. Point people to sound people and resources.
  5. Exalt Christ. Bible. Grace. Truth. Gospel.
  6. Stay out of food fights. Don’t lob hand grenades into serious discussions. Bring people together.
  7. Be kind. Persuade (rather than rally).
  8. Treat people on social media like I would treat them in person.
  9. Don’t be different on social media from what I am in my life, family, church, and ministry. Be the same person online and offline.
  10. Don’t give inordinate attention to people whose only “platform” is social media and who elsewhere have little accountability, responsibility.


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