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Lawlessness And Anarchy

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I came across the following observation arising out the biblical motif of the book of Judges: “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”
Israel was not beset by lawlessness. People were not paying no attention to laws. They did not see themselves as lawbreakers.
Israel was beset by anarchy. They were doing what they saw as right in their own eyes. People were following the laws of their own devising.
Perhaps we are seeing a time in which our own culture is moving beyond a conscious rejection of authority, to embracing themselves as the only authority they heed.

One thought on “Lawlessness And Anarchy

  1. I tend to agree. It seems incremental. For instance, I am a driver in public transport. I see Bicyclists routinely run red light and stop signs. Now battery powered scooters zip around on public streets with wild abandon. near misses end with verbal disrespect. Laws are worthless when there’s no enforcement.

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