When I was on holidays twenty years ago or so I read a copy of Henri Nouwen’s book Return Of The Prodigal Son.
It’s a shortish monograph of Nouwen’s reflections arising from an extended viewing of the Rembrandt painting inspired by that biblical scene.
The original hangs in the The Hermitage in Russia, measuring an imposing 262 cm × 205 cm
I came home and bought a poster print of the painting that measures about 130 cm x 100 cm or so.
One thing led to another and it seemed a good idea to get the poster framed to protect my investment.
The local framing guy in Mordialloc said he had an ideal material for a suitable frame.
The frame ended up costing more than the poster, but it has given me immense pleasure for a long time.
One thing led to another and it was time to replace the glass in the frame.
Crossing off yet another of my list of things that have annoyed me / been left undone for too long, local business Framing Solutions fitted Ultra Clear glass and brought it back home again.
There is so much detail hiding in the painting for the patient and reflective viewer, and now more able to be seen.
More pleasure.

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