Wednesday mornings in Mount Gambier usually begin with pastors of various churches getting together for prayer and then coffee.
For a few weeks over December/January we have a break, but we’ll be resuming soon.
Well it takes effort, but we want the Gospel to spread in Mount Gambier, and that means through all the churches and local Christians, not just our own places and people.
Hanging out together helps us not to compete, but to cooperate.
As pastors we want to model genuine Christian love and fellowship.
And the effort expands my own heart for the Gospel.

Part of a short post from Sam Rainer sums up why:

Friends assume the best. Cooperating pastors do not assign malicious motives. They hold each other accountable. When pastors hang out, they ask edifying questions of each other rather than viewing each other with suspicion from a distance.
Friends celebrate successes. Cooperating pastors enjoy hearing about their friends making strides for the kingdom of God.
Friends help each other. Cooperating pastors pray for each other. They look out for each other. They champion the work at each other’s churches.
Friends don’t have territories. Cooperating pastors don’t slice up the community into market territories. There is no need to fence off a territory when you desire to be around someone.

Read the whole post here.

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