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Only Half of Our Friends Actually Like Us (via Aimee Byrd)

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A short reflection by Aimee Byrd on an article she read that referred to a study that claimed that when people were asked to rate the strength of various friendships only about half of those indicated felt the same way.
What does that teach us about the way we feel about others, and how our relationships really are?

Byrd writes about the nature of friendship, and the great friendship that Christians experience (and which should define our own friendliness) in salvation.
This is all the more important in a time where social media can suggest we have more friends than actual relationships.

I imagine friendship as a commodity has always been an issue, but it is so much more apparent with the advent of social media. One thing is for sure: high-quality friendships are a blessing. And they are something worth investing in.

Read the whole post here.

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