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Don’t Forget The Diamond! (via Rhett Dodson)

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In Rhett Dodson’s chapter of Unashamed Workmen he outlines the step in sermon preparation that asks the question ‘Where Is Jesus?’

At times we can become so caught up in mining the details that we can forget what we’re looking for! As we dig into Scripture, we will discover many beautiful gems that we will polish and admire and show to our congregations. Our people need to see those gems! But don’t forget the diamond! Don’t forget Christ! All of the other beautiful gems in the Bible provide the setting for the centre stone. Let that centre stone shine, and let all of its facets glisten to show the beauty of the Saviour.
Unashamed Workmen, Chapter 3 – Mind The Details And Mine The Details, pg.57, Mentor, 2014.

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