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Taking Action In Light Of God’s Word (via Kathy Keller)

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Kathy Keller in a collection of messages by various people on Nehemiah, God’s Word, Our Story.

Nehemiah is interpreting the present events and his own situation and gifts in light of God’s Word and in light of the main themes of the Word. He doesn’t need to ask for a sign, lay out a fleece, request an angelic visitor, or even read a particularly appropriate devotional, like a Christian version of a horoscope. Nehemiah understands the Word and he sees where his people are in the progression of redemptive history, so he seeks to enable them to be the people of God so the Lord will continue his plan to save the world through them.
Only when we can do the same thing can we read the Bible without falling into a kind of “If I do this, God will bless me” moralism. Yes, we will see lots of lessons on how to pray or how to handle worry and face opposition, but those lessons will be tied to the gospel of salvation through Christ.
God’s Word, Our Story, D.A. Carson and Kathleen Nielson editors, Crossway, 2016, Taking Action in Light of God’s Word / Kathy Keller, pg 31.

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