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Selecting A Book Of The Bible To Preach On Next (via The Proclaimer)

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Adrian Reynolds offers some points of reflection to guide thinking about selecting books for sequential preaching.
I’m nearing the end of Acts in our am services and the conclusion of 150 Psalms followed by each section of Psalm 119 in our evening meetings.
Number 3 is resonating with me. But so is number 2.
Maybe a Gospel at night and a resumption of the narrative of Israel in 1 Kings in the morning.

Anyway, here are Reynolds points:

1. What kinds of genre have you been preaching recently? Good to give a range.
2. What testament have you been in? We believe the whole Bible to be inspired as Christian Scripture.
3. What gospel have you recently preached? There are four for a reason and they are worth returning to regularly.
4. What particular issues are pressing in church? Are these addressed by a prophet or an epistle?
5. What are kids doing in Sunday School? Can you tie in?
6. Have you covered key themes? Churches turnover very rapidly; we need to ensure as much as possible that people with us for a while have not simply had three years of Jeremiah?
7. What speed have you been going? Try speeding up or slowing down? For example, a series on the Lord’s prayer is a good way to slow things up.
8. What have you been challenged by in your personal devotions recently? This kind of series is going to be fresher than something you have picked off the shelf?
9. What do your other leaders say? They can have good insights into what the church needs.
10. What can you cope with? Some parts of Scripture are harder than others. The over-ambitious preacher makes trouble for himself.

Read the whole post here.

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