Babylon Bee is a satirical site featuring fictional Christian news stories.
Any resemblance to actuals Christians is pretty intentional, but meant to evoke wry humour.
Here’s an example that focusses on preachers who search out Bible verses that illustrate their sermon illustrations:

Gary Wright, lead pastor of vision at Passions Church, reportedly stayed up nearly all night on Saturday before finally finding the perfect biblical text to illustrate the 3-minute clip from the classic 1995 war epic Braveheart he was set to exposit Sunday morning.
“It got real hairy there around 2 a.m.,” Wright told reporters in a candid interview after the service. “I carefully exegeted Mel Gibson’s masterful speech before the film’s depiction of the Battle of Stirling Bridge, but I just couldn’t come up with an appropriate Bible passage to really drive the point home.” But according to Wright, God came through for him in a kind of divine intervention as he faithfully reviewed the actor’s famous monologue, in which he inspires his troops to go forward into battle.
“It just hit me—Christ empowers His followers to go out into the world even though we might lose our lives. Matthew 16:24-25 was the obvious choice to illustrate more clearly the point that Mel Gibson was trying to make in his inspired scene.”

Read at Babylon Bee.

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