Ed Welch contrasts the human experience of moving houses with the Christian experience of moving toward an eternal dwelling place:

This is our hope—full communion and fellowship with God and with his people in his house. This is what the Spirit uses to bring us through the hardest legs of the journey. The quest is not for a larger or better house in this world. That is not enough to keep us going, our wilderness is too arduous. We aim for nothing short of the house of God and being face-to-face at the banquet table.
Evidence of this hope is that we become energized on our present journey. Since we are certain that we will arrive home—nothing can stand in our way—we busily trust Christ for forgiveness of sins and then jettison the sins that still cling to our souls (Heb. 12:1). After all, when we actually see him we will be without sin, and we aspire to grow now into who we will be then.

Read the whole post here.

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