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When The Detour Becomes The New Road (via Vaneetha Rendall)

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This post at Desiring God deals with the disquieting situation of realising what you think is the side track you’re currently on instead of being on the road to realising your goals and plans is actually the road you’re going to be on for the foreseeable future.
There’s a comfort knowing you’re not living God’s plan ‘B’ for your life.
From the post:

This isn’t the ticket I bought.
That’s what I thought when my health took a detour, and I found myself on a road I hadn’t anticipated. A road I wasn’t prepared for. A road I didn’t want to travel.
Laura Story understands how that feels. Everything radically changed after her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Watching him struggle to breathe and withstand significant memory loss, Laura begged God to heal her husband and restore their lives to the way they were.
Life hadn’t been perfect, but it had been good.
Laura told her sister of her desire to return to the normal trial-free life she had before. And her sister insightfully responded, “You know, Laura, I think the detour you are on is actually the road.”
The detour you are on is actually the road.
What a horrifying thought…

Read the rest at Desiring God.

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