EPSC_Acts_1024x1024Guy Prentiss Waters’ Acts volume in Evangelical Press’ Study Commentary series is a helpful and thorough production.
It is a mid-range commentary aimed at assisting the preparation of sermons and Bible studies.
The style is not that of transcribed sermons or exegetical outlines, but rather the work that is carried out before preparing a sermon or writing a study.
Passages are sequentially analysed with attention given to language, structure and matters of theological and historical context. Each section concludes with a summary that provides application points.
Waters affirms a commitment to the theological positions of the Westminster Standards. Though these undergird the work it is the book of Acts that is given opportunity to speak.
There is a wide engagement with other scholarship; footnotes provide immediate access to points of reference, a welcome difference from many other volumes in this series. Sadly, beyond the footnotes, there is no stand alone bibliography.
It would also seem that the EP Study Commentary series is now moving to a paperback format. The previous hardback releases in the series were always a mixed bag in terms of binding standards. It is to be hoped that given the 604 page count of Waters’ Acts that a quality binding has been chosen.
Guy Prentiss Waters Acts neither overwhelms with detail or simply provides finished expositions. It is an accessible assistant to study of Luke’s historical and theological account of the early church.

The review copy of Acts – EP Study Commentary was a pdf edition provided by Cross Focussed Reviews as part of a Acts – EP Study Commentary blog tour. A positive review was not required.

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