Good words from Graham Nicholson at the Hawthorn Presbyterian Church blog on the danger of reducing response to rules.

An excerpt:

When the heart is focused on keeping rules as rules and not as a response to God or his grace, it is necessarily focused on one’s self and is blinded to true holiness. Jesus showed how true this is when he pointed out that those who were concerned for clean hands were simultaneously wickedly twisting their man-made rules for personal profit and ignoring the 5th Commandment [see Mk 7:9-13].
It is sometimes frustrating that it all seems so vague! We want precision and clarity! We want rules to keep and measure our progress! But while precision and clarity can be helpful, the great danger is that Christianity becomes little more than keeping a set of rules, and nothing of the heart. It happens — and more than we might like to admit.

Read the whole post here.

One thought on “Habits, Rules And The Heart (via Graham Nicholson)

  1. In my case I would have greatly appreciated the PCV abiding by their own ‘set of rules’. Rules are usually their to protect the vulnerable but if you do not abide by them how is that showing Jesus’ love to that person.

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